Top 5 Customer Experience Killers to Avoid

09 Jul
Customer Experience

Every day numerous businesses turn away customers because they commit one or more of these 5 customer experience killers. Are you one of them?


Constantly delivering great customers experiences is the key to attracting loyal customers and growing your business. However, too many businesses are hurting their bottom line because they commit one or more of the following customer experience killers.


  1. Not keeping your Customer Promise!


This is the number one killer! Constantly doing it will results in a death of a thousand cuts to your business.


Every business has a customer promise… whether you realise it or not. You need to deliver on that promise. It may be overnight delivery…guaranteed. Maybe it is … your business is our number one priority… so do not have them waiting a week for an answer.


  1. Shuffle customers between departments and have them explain their issue every time!


One of the real killers is having an issue and then being shuffled between people because they are not the right person to speak to. What is worst, is that you have to explain why you are calling every time you get shuffled to a new person.


Having the first point of contact intro the person and explain what the problem to fellow staff members before handing them over will go a long way in keeping loyal customers.

  1. Staff not being attentive


One of my pet hates is waiting to be served and two or more staff members are just looking at one another and telling stories about their love life, or partying habits the night before! I have even had two staff members have a fight in front of me and both disappear before the manager finally turned up 3 minutes later. This is how not to deliver great customer experience.

  1. Keeping your customers waiting!


There is nothing more annoying than being kept waiting. This might be waiting for a delivery or waiting to be served.


We all know there are times when you are super busy and simply acknowledging a customers and letting them know you will get to them as soon as possible is a great starting point.


The other day I was in my bank and a queue of about 10 people were there. There were 2 staff behind the counter and 2 staff walking along the line to see if they could help us! If they were behind the counter we would not have to wait to long. I believe that the Australian banking approach has customer experience horribly wrong.


  1. Confusing Customer Experience with Customer Service.

Many businesses focus on customer service. They pay lots of attention when sales staff come in contact with the customer. Let’s face it… without customers we do not have a business!


However, customer experience is about the total experience. This includes dealing with accounts, the delivery person, your website or social media approach, the after sales support, etc.


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Pat Abraham

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