Start-Up to Success

Start-Up to Success

Great ideas are one thing... building a successful business is something totally different.

We are Business Growth Specialists

At Grow Your Profit we love innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. We also know that most start-up business struggle to make it past the first 12 months.

This 6 week program helps entrepreneurial individuals identify the key areas they will need to manage through the risky first 12 to 24 months of business.

This program helps you to

  • Define your customer promise
  • Identify path to market
  • Clarify your unique selling proposition
  • How to create an A team when employing staff
  • How to maximise your resources
  • Developing your 12 month action plan

Awesome! I am involved in a Start-Up and keen to know more.

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We are also Offering the Services below

Business Growth Specialist help you and your business grow

Strategic planning

A business with a strategic plan is like a ship without a rudder. We work with you to create the future and strategies that you can use to achieve results.

Customer Experience analysis

Our effective analysis ensures you have the finger on the pulse of how your customers experience your business. The higher your rating the more your profits and number of loyal customers grow? How does your business rate?

Performance review

Whether it is your business or staff we offer a second set of eyes and suggest improvements. This is just part of our continuous improvement approach.

Strategy implementation

Execution of strategy varies between businesses. It is often the difference between success and failure of your idea or business. We help you with the implementation to ensure you stay on track to succeed.

Competitor analysis

This analysis helps you identify opportunities that you may build upon or areas for improvement.

Attract great staff

We can help you attract and retain the right staff. We can guide you or do all the hard work for you so you only have to interview a few key people.