Six Tips on How To Employ The Right Staff For Your Business

21 Jun
Recruiting right staff

Recruiting the right person to join your team is a key decision business owners and CEO make but many do not have the right process to ensure they make great choices. Here are six tips that will enhance your ability to select the right person for your business.


As a Business Coach and ex-headhunter I have seen the good, bad and ugly of employee staff. Here are six tips that will help you to recruit the right person to join your next.


1. Have a clearly defined job description.

A clearly define job description provides clarity to what the incumbent is required to do. It also protects the owner and ensures they are attracting people with the right skills and attitudes. Many of the job description I have seen are ineffective. Get ahead of the curve when recruiting by having result focused job descriptions.

2. Select the person with the right skills and values that will match your culture.

Your business culture has a significant impact on the performance of not just your business but also your employees. Therefore, it is important to hire people who will fit with your business culture. Culture is about how we act and behave. It is about our values. Identify what your business’s key values and ensure new staff has at least 1 or 2 of these.

3. Ask scenario based question in the interview

People are a creature of habit. No matter what they tell you in an interview, they will act like they have always acted. Therefore, when recruiting ask questions that focus on what they did in certain situations. Pick the key situations the role will be dealing with and identify they skills and behaviours you are seeking prior to the interview. Use these to assess the response in an interview.

4. Always check with their referees

Always conduct a referee checks. Often it is what the referee does not say that gives you an early warning signal about a potential new staff member. If they oversaw the scenarios that were raised in the interview then ask them how the person performed in such situations. See how closely the two match.

5. Hasten slowly

How quickly would you take to make a $40,000, $75,000 or even a $150,000 investment? Would you rush any of these? What would you need to see, feel or hear to know your decision was the right one? Never rush a hiring decision. Follow a process. Conduct it in a timely manner but never just rush and employ someone. Even if you interview a number of candidates and cannot fin the right one then do not employ the best of the worst. Cast the net again. The time you might take to cast the net again is nothing compared to the time it takes to manage the wrong employee!

6. Welcome them On-Board

Recruiting Right Staff

Wecome on board

On-boarding is critical to how long an employee will stay in your business. Employees who go through a structured on-boarding program are  58% more likely to be with the organisation after three years. Given the cost to replace a staff can be up to one year’s salary, have the right system to welcome a new team member on board!


Pat Abraham

Business Coach

Pat Abraham

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