Reality is One of These Three Suck in Your Business

23 Jan

If you are not achieving the success you want, it is because one or more of the three key areas that drive your ability to attract loyal customers and grow your business is not working.

Attracting and retaining loyal customer is achieved with the right system and team

To many businesses are caught up in the customer treadmill. They are constantly chasing customers and getting no where fast. It is time to get off this treadmill and use a better system to attract, convert and retain loyal customers.


The right system ensures that these three key areas are aligned so a business can attract, convert and retain loyal customers. They are

  • Positive Customer Experiences,
  • Effective Marketing and
  • Awesome offers.

These are like the cogs in your car’s gearbox. When they are aligned, the car can travel to its potential and the ride is smooth.

However, when they are not, then the experience is not good and if not addressed can cause major damage.

Customer experience will be more important than price or product in 5 years. Is your business strategically placed to capitalise on it?

I see and hear of so many bad customer experience stories on a daily basis! These businesses do not have the right system in place which means they are not making the profit they desire.

I was on holidays on the Gold Coast earlier this year and was walking along the beach. I stopped near a development of three high rise towers right on beach. What caught my attention is that instead of them having a sales office, they had an experience office. They were not selling units, they were selling experiences! Beach front living!


Effective marketing is about getting you the right customers and not just any customer.

You want A (Advocates) and B (Value Buyers)  customers and keep away from C (Coupon Crowd) and D (Daydreamers).

Your Advocates are the ones who are willing to pay more the experience. You are helping them meet their aspirations! They then not only tell their friends, they insist they do business with you.

Awesome Offers ensure they keep coming back to do business with you and you are making profit.

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Pat Abraham

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