Our approach

Our Approach

We are passionate about business growth and the success of our clients

If you do not know where you are going then any road will take you there.

Having a Grow Your Profit Business Coach working alongside you is like driving with GPS. We work with you to identify where you want your business in the future and then identify the best route for you. Like a GPS we are with you through the journey, offering advice and guidance. Should things change we will then help develop another way to get to your destination.

Results Driven Performance

We work with our clients to understand their goals and challenges. Defining success and using results to constantly monitor progress is fundamental in our approach.  Gut feel is understandable and easy. However, we are competitive and like winning so we focus on results. Good data and sound coaching will help you reach your potential.

Systems Focused

We help business owners and CEOs work on their business and not in it. Our approach is systematic and focus on aligning the three key areas that drive a business’s ability to grow and prosper. This ensures the business system does all the hard lifting and not you!

Keeping You Accountable

We keep you accountable for delivering the actions and results you need. Our approach ensures you have more effective use of your time. We are the sounding board  you do not have and the possibly the only person brave enough to tell you when you have a bad idea.
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    Initial 20 Minute diagnostic meeting

    Let’s first work out where your business is at, what are your goals and key challenges and would we be able to generate a positive return on investment for you.  This is an obligation free 20 minute assessment and is essential to ensure we can work together and achieve the goals you desire. If we cannot help you in a profitable manner, then we will tell you.  We really are focused on delivering profitable solutions.

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    Define success

    What does success look like? How will you know you have been successful in 1 year from today?  One of our first tasks is to define success and understand the current health of the business.  Using our unique approach on alignment we seek to understand the processes within the business and key challenges you as a business owner or CEO are dealing with.

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    Identifying Strategies and travel the journey with you

    We identify which is the route to take to achieve the success you have defined. Commitment to success is what you need and we will be working with you through the good and the tough times. 

Growth through Alignment

We are strategic in our thinking. We grow businesses by aligning the three key areas that drive profit and loyal customers. Our approach to align these three areas has been featured in the best selling book, Think Big.! How to thrive in life and business in a rapidly changing world.