How to Manage Under Performing Staff

13 Aug
Under performing staff

Managing under performing staff correctly will boost the culture, productivity, profits  and retention rate of staff and customers for your business. Here are some do’s and don’t on how to manage under performing staff.

Who is an Under Performing employee?

An under performer employee can be considered as one who isn’t meeting their targets or role responsibilities. Therefore they are not matching the expectations of the business owner and/or manager.


There can be many reasons why a staff member may be under performing. Some may be:

  • Under qualification
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of acquaintance with task and environment
  • Personal issues


It is important to identify the real cause of under performance so suitable actions can be put in place.


Under performers can be managed by

  • Providing better guidance and training
  • Assigning different tasks,
  • Or relieving from their duties.


The Do’s when dealing with Under Performers

Recruiting right staff

  • Measuring performance in a fair and identical manner
  • Identifying exact areas of under performance
    • lack of productivity
    • Inefficiency
    • Ineffectiveness
    • Under developed skill etc.
  • Keeping an open mind
  • Tackling the underperformer with patience
  • Effective supervision with a clear plan of action
  • Being in constant touch and a healthy feedback
  • Being supportive and kind
  • Knowing your staff and your expectations from them


The Don’t when dealing with Under Performers


  • Miss the initial signs of incompetence by the empoyee
  • Delay the performance review
  • Develop a rigid view about employees
  • Wait for the catastrophe to happen, take action beforehand
  • Wait till employees underperformance starts affecting others
  • Confuse a performance issue with a conduct issue
  • Wait for the under performer to go on sick leave.


Staff is one of the key assets in any business. To often under performers are not managed correctly which results in lower productivity, a disgruntled staff and potential bad customer experiences. All these impact negatively on your bottom line.


Being proactive, having clear job descriptions and regular staff performance reviews are the foundation for having productive and performance staff.


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Pat Abraham

Managing Director

Pat Abraham

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