These Habits Underpin Success. Do you have them?

13 Apr

Your success is our goal

As a business coach, I know that to be successful you need to have these habits. They underpin your success, leadership and personal development.

Aristole once said that success was not an action but a habit.

You need to clearly have a vision of what you are trying to achieve. To many people can tell me what they do not want. However, successful  people can clearly tell me what they want. They are describing the future as those it is already here.

I have people telling me that their goals for the coming year is to increase revenue. If you increased it by $1 you have achieved your objective, but was that your real goal? Be specific and visualise it. You need to get into the daily habit of visualising your bank statement  at a specific time in the future with an additional $300,000 in the account.

Successful people’s use of language is different. This is because it reflects their habit on how they think. They do not use words like try.  They take action. Success is a state of mind. Yes… there will be challenges as there is in everything we do. However, life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we deal with it. You need to have a winning mindset to succeed.  Get in the habit of talking with a winning mindset.

Another habit I see in successful people is focus. It is laser like. They know what they want and when presented with opportunities it is really simply. Does this align with what I want? If yes, let’s talk. If not, say no! They do not get distracted by shiny objects.

Get in the habit of saying “No” to the things that will distract you. I tell my clients that success is not what you say yes to but rather what you say no to!

If you do not have a coach, the get one! No this is not self promotion..but if you need one I am available!

The reason I say this is that you need someone who you can bounce ideas off and who will keep you accountable. A coach helps develop you because you need different skills as your business grows. You need to invest in yourself so you can be prepared for growth. You have a 90% chance of achieving your goals when you have someone who will keep you accountable. They will also ask the questions that will make you think from a different perspective.

The last habit I will mention is they spend time to think. Take time out of your day to think about the key issues you are addressing. It is once said to have the right answer is great. However to ask the right question is priceless! Get into the habit of spending a part of each day to simple think.  As Keith Cunningham, author of the book “The road less travelled” states.. it will save you from paying the dumb tax. You know, when yo make a bad decision and it cost you money!

Pat Abraham

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