Engage Staff Through Recognition.

05 Feb

If you want to engage staff then the frequency and type of recognition is important.

Businesses that frequently recognise staff in an appropriate manner have high staff engagement  Businesses are more profitable because the staff  are happy and more productive. They generate positive energy. You just love having them on your team and being around them.

However, staff are indifferent or confused when the frequency is low and either appropriate or inappropriate recognition given. They are unsure about the intent. In fact, thank you is not said enough in the work place.

In some workplaces, recognition is inappropriate and give frequently. Staff are disengaged. They generate negative energy and are unproductive.

As a manager I had a philosophy. It was to praise loudly and discipline quietly.  I would regularly say thank you and acknowledging the effort the different ream members contributed. I did this because I truly appreciated it and in return I had an amazing team who constantly made a difference.

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Pat Abraham

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