5 Signs You Need a Business Coach

19 Aug
Business Coach

Great teams have coaches. These are the people that work with you to develop players, a winning game plan and help develop the skills and strategy to be successful. Here are 5 sure signs that you might need a business coach.

1. Not Getting the Results You Deserve

Many business owners tell me that they are not achieving the growth in sales and profit they deserve. They are spending more time working in the business but the profit does not reflect their hard work. It is important in business you have the right strategy and that the business does the heavy lifting not you as the owner.


2. You are not sure how to take your business to the next level

Owners and managers of businesses need to grow as their businesses growth. The skills and processes you need for a business with $300,000 turnover is different to those needed to run a $3.0 m turnover business. To often business hit the wall as they try and grow because they are not sure to take their business to the next level. This is where a business coach can add value in working with you to develop a suitable strategy and program.


3. You want more time to do other things

If your business is stopping you from having time with family, friends and loved ones then you need a business coach. Spending too much time in a business is a sign that you are doing the heavy lifting and not your business. What would you do if you have a spare 3 hours a week? What can you not do because you do not have a spare 3 hours?


4. You need a second set of eyes and sounding board

 Leadership can be a lonely place. Business coaches understand the challenges you as a business owner face every day and they act as the sounding board which will challenge your ideas and help you think through potential issues before you spend your hard earned cash taking your business down a dead end path.


Business coaches may be the only people to tell you that your idea sucks and help you work out a better path forward.


5. You have great ideas but have trouble implementing them.

Work smarter not harder

Execution of strategy is often the difference between success and failure. Too often business owners have great ideas but get so caught up in the running of the business that they have trouble implementing the actions they need to deliver better results.

A great strategy poorly executed gets you nowhere! However, even an average strategy executed well will propel your business. Imagine what would happen with a great strategy that was well executed.


If any of the above 5 signs resonate with you then you have a choice. You can do nothing and hope to get a better result but we all know this has been defined as the definition of insanity.


OR you can take your first step to building a strong, bigger and more profitable business by using a business coach. Book your free 20 minutes exploratory session with Pat Abraham by calling him on 02 8091 6435 or 0438 474 758 or email results@growyourprofit.com.au

Pat Abraham

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